On October 15, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the Province of Bohol destroying houses, buildings and historical landmarks, including centuries-old churches.

A group of young professionals from Bohol from AYBM (Association of Young Boholanos in Metro Manila) brought together by social media immediately spearheaded massive relief and rebuilding efforts in the island. Thus was organized the Oplan Bangon Bohol network. With power and landlines down, our Facebook and Twitter accounts were instantaneously transformed into venues for receiving SOS messages from remote areas, disseminating vital information, putting people in touch with their relatives and friends, pinpointing areas that needed help the most, raising funds worldwide, and tapping the expertise of professionals. In a very real sense, a transformed social media imbued with a humanitarian spirit is what enabled the birthing of the Foundation.

As part of post-emergency disaster efforts, the group partnered with NY-based architect and educator from Columbia University, Aya Maceda, to establish ClassAct for its rebuilding of educational infrastructure in devastated areas in the region. Pam Damarillo, (MA, Learning Tech, Pepperdine University) is ClassAct’s new collaborator who will be developing formal and informal curriculum with local communities for our educational programs.

As part of OBB’s work continues to grow to incorporate more holistic forms of community rebuilding, OBB was  formally absorbed by Class Act (Philippines) Foundation.



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